Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

Kyrie eleison.
Christe eleison.
Kyrie eleison.

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se sabe.

Tanto el INTROITUS como el KYRIE fueron completadas en su totalidad por Mozart, el resto de la secuencia queda inconclusa con el LACRIMOSA, de la secuencia en adelante el escribió solamente las partes corales, las instrumentales Y el bajo continuo.
también escribió de igual forma el ofertorio.

gran parte de la primera resolución del trabajo se la debemos a Eybler, quién fue el primero en revisar la obra a pedido de Constanza Weber, Eybler no se considera digno de completar la obra y uno de los Amigos y discípulo de Mozart, Franz Susmayr es quien termina la versión más popular que conocemos.

de el (de Susmayr son en su totalidad el Sanctus, Benedictus y Agnus Dei)

además de está versión hay muchas otras echas a lo largo de la historia y es algo muy interesante de estudiar y de conocer.

también hay un movimiento extra compuesto por otro compositor, Liberame de Neukomm.

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In 2005, as I was preparing to sing this as a requiem with the local Cathedral Choir for John Paul II, I left a copy of this score on my desk as I was going about my regular duties. My boss picked up the score, looked through it, and said, "I KNOW THIS!!" He had sung it as a youngster. Eternal rest to his soul! He died just a few months later. I sang a little of it later at his grave. Music transcends time... and death.

lola x

You sing it, you NEVER forget it.


A piece so fitting to the theme of death...

Paul Kaveney

The Introit has always been my favorite part of the Requiem. It establishes an ominous mood like no other piece I've listened to in my life. The intensity of the harmonies and orchestration once the choir joins all the way to the first "Et lux perpetua" moves me to tears every time. It's that same breathless feeling when you're sobbing uncontrollably. It's so potently emotional in its desperation.


agree it gives me chills every time i listen to it or perform it. There is nothing like that opening. And when the sopranos sing 'exaudi' at the tutti (the soprano solo) soaring above the other voices it brings tears

Christopher Bradford

if you want the inspiration mozart got for this requiem, check out michael haydns requiem

legit me

Same. I love when they sing luceat, makes me tear up everytime.


Maybe behind desperation there is a great hope...🙌


I think so too, and the second et lux perpetua is so perfectly conclusive, yet of supreme beauty.


This kyrie eleison is one of my all time favourite pieces to sing as an alto! Nothing else in the world is this fun

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