The Scientists
Yendri Lyrics

The scientists they say, it's not possible today
But what I've seen so far just proves the opposite to me
I never could believe that she is real
Dead but alive - this cannot be
They pulled me inside and locked up the door
They turned off the light, I'm lying on the floor
I am waiting for hours, no one there to come
I am just on my own, nothing can be done
They're asking me questions I don't understand
They told me to remember, but I just cant
They wanted to know if I'm aware
That I'm not alive
The scientists they say...
And the next day, they took me out
Cables all around me, caus they were just about
To make experiments with my dead flesh
To get behind the secret, just in a flash
Analyzing just every single bit
Doing more and more tests
They didn't find it
Until they don't get
What they're looking for
I am their prisoner
For evermore
The scientists they say...

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