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This is Bad For the Children
the Traveling Misanthrope Circus of Lunacy Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Chairman Meow

daily reminder that this guy is independent. does his own videos with his wife and markets his own stuff, even mails out his CDs. support this man, he is literally taking on the music industry and woke culture by himself!


He censored the word "trump" @0:20. How is that taking on the woke cancel culture, exactly?

Graccus Bro


KRATOS jr⁸¹⁷

@Bast1an Bruh how?? Shits fire actually

Luis Anguiano

@Bast1an ngl?

Luis Anguiano

@Chairman Meow that's your own

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I normally dont listen to raps but this is definitly one of the best i ever heard.
Greetings from 🇩🇪

john doe

You should listen to some Topher

Dylan K

Do you like heavy metal, rock or soprano metal? Alina Lesnik on yt is my favourite singer and she is from Germany.


@Graccus Bro why do you care? :^)

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