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Lost Blocks
Billy Woods Lyrics

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A Mis Enemigos (High Tide) Broke up on impact, I swam from the wreckage Oil on…

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Comments from YouTube:


"sky color of an old pistol" Billy Woods' dreary game is too good, love it


Love listening to this when I'm having an unproductive day

Deacon Last

Lyrics... I guess

Walking these lost blocks, little with war cops, after the stomp old horse readjust teeth to adorned cop, 25 pop course hands chip polish, threw me a solid, please don't pass it if ain't exotic I do admonish eyes onyx wide with promise step in careful the floors rotting, heaven stare well sent the euralingus number one rap single with a humdinger, sent sima, elevated train sways roll the trimmer, they say my wave different no man safe from the Tempest, hang ten beyotch, me no worry as the hour beckons, born alone die alone not a quarter check in precious metal squeezer half hearted believer, plucking the clogged arteries of Medina prepare a table for me in presence of enemies read our flight to Televeve. feta cheese olive plate dirty grapes ornate plate and glass, my black ass here on Sunny ave, film police fuck his name and badge digits as they approach me in the park doing calisthenics, I answer Jakes question when my set's finished.

T Caw

this whole albums good, I wish someone could post the lyrics to these somewhere. maybe I should, but thatd take a while



Deacon Last

Euclid verse

Today, I wrote nothing, stared at the page blunted, light drizzle out crooked window sky color of an old pistol, alternate side parking, I didn't leave the apartment sent the Navy's kids to the corner for parchments, came back street rain keep the change secured top and bottom lock, probably won't stop 'til he hit bottom rock, the best laid plans of mice and men hat in hand is how they often end often unfinished manuscript, Rahm books in a rubbish tip trade ? with twice lit clips, today, I wrote nothing.

Deacon Last

ImpendingRiot83 Thanks


That's Billy's verse. Also Genius is your friend.