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Introducing Foxy
Foxy Shazam Lyrics

Kill everyone here
Ain't no survivors
Am I making it clear
Yea, I'm making it clear
Ruff Ruff
Ah, they won't do anything
I don't know about you,
but I feel I got all the power in the hand
There's no line that I wouldn't cross
No divide between me and that
Sha la la la la la la yea
This opportunity
Lose hope
Kill everyone here
Bang bang bang
I ain't scared
With the ruff ruff
Yea I ain't scared
I don't know about you,
but I feel I got all the power in hand

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Comments from YouTube:

Michael Riehl

Long Live The Originality of This Once Amazing Band

Michel G

Over 8 thousand views and not one comment? You guys must have not grown up in Ohio


Rather than put a negative comment on one of their newer songs, I decided to come put a positive comment on their older stuff. Why can't I get into their later material? Is it actually watered down, or did I just hear this album at the perfect time in my life?

Even though I listened to Flamingo Trigger later and didn't like it as much, I still respect it so much more than their later stuff. It's also one of the earliest incarnations of present day hardcore that I can find, so there's that, but still...

Either way, at least this album will always be here for us old fans to enjoy.

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