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Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll
Foxy Shazam Lyrics

So what's the plan, brother man?
We're waiting on your cue.
There's nothing new, to listen to, we heard it through and through.
We know you're playing the best you can,
The truth is we don't give a damn.

He's God.
I'm God.
Sing it!

Welcome to the church of rock and roll [x6]

Your music sucks, including us.
It's time we clear our name.
If one of you, can feel it too,
We urge you too to do the same.
You're all suckers, a flock of sheep,
I'll be your shepherd, follow me.

He's God.
I'm God.

Welcome to the church of rock and roll [x6]

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Aaron Mcveigh, Alex Loren Nauth, Daisy Caplan, Eric Sean Nally, Justin David Hawkins, Loren Daniel Turner, Schuyler Vaughn White

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Comments from YouTube:


Finally, a religion I can believe in.

Jake Herbst

honestly this is one of the coolest bands out there right now. i hope they keep making stuff because it would be incredible for rock to be revived once again

Sieb Kelder Art

Oooooh dear... 😂🤘

branden berlin

This is like some 70's-80's shit! Hell yeah. Music is coming back.


I saw them last night in AC opening for Slash also. They're my favorite band now too, hands down. I can't even describe in words how hard they rock live, it is UNbelievable. They stole the show from Slash for real.


Glad to see they're continuing with the musical trend of the last album.....FANTASTIC stuff--can't wait for this!!!


So excited for this album. It sounds really different but really awesome

Jacob Smith

Then they'll really catch off of left field. I can feel maelstrom of epicness coming from this band. It is definitely a breath of fresh air to hear something new and exciting in music today. I'm not going to over analyze or pinpoint all the likes and dislikes I have for this band. I'm going to enjoy this milestone in rock before it evaporates or some press junkies tear it up.

Scott Gergelis

I like how they change up their style with each album they put out. It takes time to get used to, but each of their albums fucking amazing in their own way. I just pre-ordered, I can't wait.


I am PHYSCED for this new album. I don't think I've ever been more excited for an album release.

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