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We Workin'
Grits Lyrics

We Workin

Verse 1:
Call it a second wind the beast has awoken from the pen
Departed from sin, but still breakin' bread with my kin
On a deeper water mission, pimpin' , fishin' for men
Who glisten and grin, but keep a darker secret within
I'm a deeper light exposin' them
Chosen to bring Jehovah through
Move it, or I'm runnin' over you
Ludacris with a bigger shoe
Stompin’ you out like Herc would do
Signaling death to flirt with you
Touching G's and working you
Lyrically I'm Da Vinci Code
Listen we're at the Super Bowl, the game you're trying to get to
Rookie, you in training clothes, we're franchise in booth
Country boys, but city with it
Foolish flows, and witty with it
Give it how it’s given
Painted pad and higher livin’
Never switchin’ my position
Put my kids in your condition
Stackin paper like im Staples
Stable livin, that’s the mission
Illustrated, documented,
Future Scriptures: spit it! Finished.
Ya I said it cuz I meant it and I mean it cuz I live it

Verse 2:
Pop the top, it’s a celebration!
Everyone’s invited, excited, to deliver to you
The results: the few have been ignited!
Got it through treacherous realms
Uttered the devil’s hails
Led me subconsciously back to well off the Father’s begins
Earn a strike or two, seeing if I was ever in the path of imminent danger
Remember the separate image I analyze the results the culmination of repercussions
We be up for anything in our discussions
Never blushin’, speak candid, so the mass can understand it
Eradicate what’s in my vicinity, annihilation’s my purpose
Worthless, gaining anonymity, no matter cuz they gonna remember me
Spoke golden, why determine they holding two titles at the same time
Artist and CEO, no picture in my frame of mind
Redemption record comin’ soon,
Savor the most, so post blogs, on your MySpaces, or to any friends in high places
Interject it, dissect it, aim it, shoot it, direct it
Give myself a personal evaluation: I wrecked it!

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Comments from YouTube:

Brian Porzio

This was my jam back in the day. STILL here.


Grits goes hard on this jam.


This song is so TIGHT!!!! Grits God bless yoll for lifting up the name of JESUS!!! Keep workin for HIM!


this is my jam


woot i love this song

DJ Pho3nix

This one is bomb


so?? i love this song good job ty:) and grits FTW:D

Angel A

Grits...u guys r the besttttttttt.


have you listened to their music or even seen them in concert? I love these brothers b/c they are real. They don't hide the fact that they have some rough past issues but they testify to how they have overcome by giving their lives to Christ and He and only He is the reason they are here praising him through music. Meditate on the lyrics my brother and you will see how deep they are.

phillip dodson

yo the song go hard But the focus is God when you do rap gospel

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