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Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Lyrics

(J. Jett/K. Hanna)

Walkin' on the streets tonight
I am so aware of you
Give me a reason to fight
When there's nowhere to run to

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Wake up, wake up, wake up right now
There's no one to protect you
Hide myself behind my words
Hide myself inside a' my clothes
Hide myself inside my mind

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Now take that voice outside a' my head
I hear that voice inside a' my head
Get that voice outta my head
I hear that voice inside a' my head
I will choke it dead, dead
I will stab it dead, dead
I will kill it dead, dead

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Comments from YouTube:

Belinda Goodewyche

In 2003, Jesus Mezquia was arrested in connection with Zapata's murder. DNA evidence was used to tie him to the murder and charges were brought up against him. He was sentenced to 37 years initially, and then appealed his sentence. He was then sentenced to 36 years. He has remained in prison since January 2003.  VIVA ZAPATA!  R.I.P.

jo hay

God I was wanted to know what happened to the shit that killed Zapata 😥hope he raps there.

raven king

praise god!

Ricardo Delgado

@Code Optimization Ware what do you think? raped and killed.

Code Optimization Ware

@ Belinda Goodewyche:
I never knew all that stuff. So why, apparently, did that guy kill Mia Zapata?

Tympest Books

I've only ever heard the version of this on Evil Stig, so it's awesome to come across this!

Tony Perez



it seems that Mia's killer (a DNA match) was found today in FLA

Ricardo Delgado

today? in 2003

Ally Kat

Rest In Power and beautiful music, Mia ♥️

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