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Icarus II
Kansas Lyrics

In the darkness I rise, long before
The dawn
I was dreaming of home and the life I
I can hear the sound, of the engines
And I crave the embrace of my
Empty bed
Where I'm safe (there I'm safe)

But the call is clear, and the task is
And my enemies wait in the dark sky
Do they fear the same fear,
Do they dream like us
Do they long for the day when it's
And they're safe

We are cruising above the horizon
Neve knowing if we will return
In a moment we'll loose the
And we'll justify all that we burn

Here the air is cold, but my thoughts
Are clear
And so I'm wondering why I must be
For the evil that can come,
From the heart of a man
Must be answered in kind 'til it
And we're safe

Now we're cruising above the horizon
Neve knowing if we will return
In a moment we'll rain down
And we'll justify all that we burn

Here they come

Dodging all the tracers, sky is full of
I can see the pilots' faces
Safety in our numbers, eagles
We are in the sight of aces

Flak, bursting all around
Friends, going down in flames

Now we're hit, it's happened
This is what I feared
Something's telling me my time has
Though it should be panic, I can feel
A peace
Strangely, now I know my purpose...

Hey boys! Hey, get out while you
I'll try to take us home

I'm going home...


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Comments from YouTube:


One of the best bands of rock history. Fantastic.


I've been listening to Kansas since high school and still do every day since my drive to work is an hour. Now in my 60's I wonder where has time gone? But Kansas still takes me back to the younger days, the good old peaceful days! Rock on Forever Kansas!


This is the music genious of one Kerry Livgren...


Kerry's presence is very much in evidence on this song and most of the songs on this album.  Storytelling set to brilliant musical  composition is always interesting........

Tadeu Graciolli

Agree! Totally!

Marcelo Lima

He is a genius

The Rebel Shop, LLC

Kerry wrote all the songs.


For a Livgren-Kansas swan song, I don't think they could have released a better album.


when played live, this song segues into the original Icarus


This song is incredible...

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