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The Advent of Panurge
by Gentle Giant

There coming over Charaton Bridge
Look do you see the man who is poor but rich.
What do you wish, and where do you go,
Who are you, where are you from,
Will you tell me your name?
Rest awhile, call me your friend.
Please stay with me I'd like to help.

Then he said,
How can I speak when I'm dry and my
Throat is burning. So bring me aid
And I'll answer your doubts.
Friend in need I'd like your help
Please take me home I'll stay with you.
Then said he fair Pantagruel
My name is Panurge and I have come from Hell.

Look at my friend
Look all around you
Look at my friend
Take all round you.

Hey, Friend
So brotherhood was made as their bond
Carried him home and provide for his needs
And his shelter, this day was done
As no other the like.
Faithfully their vow was made and from
That day they were as one.

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Comments from YouTube:


Look at my friiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeee heeee heeeeeeeeee heeee heeee heaeeeaaaand!

Jack Minor

You called it, dude!



Isabela Rescala

I laughed so much at this hahahahahahahahaahah

Lee Hulse

I somehow ended up owning a copy of "Octopus" in around 1975 and was instantly hooked. I was a Yes, ELP, Tull, and Genesis fan already, so the transition was minimal. I was fortunate or maybe not so fortunate to see Gentle Giant at Anaheim Stadium in 1976. The concert was a ridiculous mix of groups. Yes headlined the show (that's why I was there) Peter Frampton was touring for his "Comes alive" album, Gary Wright was third on the bill, and at the last minute the promoters pulled GG in somehow. I was already a fan of theirs and seeing them with Yes would have been fantastic if it weren't for all of the screaming Peter Frampton girls. An outdoors concert with about 75,000 people and "festival" seating. Festival seating means, "when the gates open run as fast as you can". Half of the audience was Frampton fans and the other half were Yes fans. Half of those were musicians. You should have seen the faces on Frampton's fans when Gentle Giant played. It was priceless.

John Lund

I was at the anaheim show with Yes also and then San Diego the next day

Karl Becker

I was at that concert, as well. I was mesmerized by Gentle Giant. Seeing them perform "Knots" live was mind blowing!

Michael Soto

I saw the same tour when they played at Balboa Park in San Diego. As I recall Gentle Giant opened. Their sound was massacred by whomever was at the sound desk. It was like a child was at the board. The bass would be turned up way too loud then swoop back down buried in the mix. This also happened to other instruments at various times during the show as if there was confusion about who was in which channel. The crowd supported all 3 acts. All 3 acts played very well. There were no boos from anybody. My strongest memory was the solo spot for Jon Anderson playing his harp & a Minimoog doing bits from "Olias". It was an outdoor nighttime show with Jon playing in front of an array of lasers fanning out behind him. Great concert!


i hope you was also into van der graaf generator hejeje

Mike Reiss

I only saw Peter Frampton once and that was several years ago opening for Jethro Tull on their fortieth anniversary tour. I have one hell of a story to tell about that concert but I think I'll spare you guys all the crazy details.

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