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Ace of Wands
Steve Hackett Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

John Doan

Steve I a highly underrated guitarist .he puts more feeling in two notes than others do in 100 notes. Tom laprovidenza777

William Minford

Just brilliant, nothing more needs to be said.


Muy hermosas melodías en guitarra eléctrica del señor Hackett

Swedish American

Forget the whole songs. On this album are dozens, literally dozens, maybe a hundred bits, riffs, melodies and bridges that would have been suitable on any Genesis album of that time.
This guy was a treasure trove of ideas for a band. I just thought it was so stupid to let him go just because he wanted equal writing credit.

denis martin

Steve Is a genius

Giulio Casapulla

Great Steve 👍

Tiny Chihuahua House


Molo Tulo

Genesis died but Steve Hackett lives on !
Hackett was Genesis !


not exactly, steve was an inner part of genesis as the others, and still working till foxtrot album with material and ideas developed by the times when there was anthony phillips, before steve. because they developed a way of their own for composition, as when you had also rutherford and banks on 12 chords

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