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The Devil's Takin' Names
by The Lawrence Arms

Shall we dance?
Or maybe just limp around?
These feet are cold and beat, and strangers
To the ground.

The sound of the kick is arousing.
The couples are sweet in their love.
Tonight, we'll stagger up from the basement
Or fall to our deaths from above.
You've got those moves and those eyes
I've got these shakes and bad breath.

I've never tried that, but I know
I don't like it.
Or, maybe I do I'm just too weak to
Fight it. Where are you? I hate
To let em see me crying.

I'm gonna zip on my party suit
And show y'all something:
There ain't no such thing as strumpin'
For nothing
You can fly with us or hang on to the
Walls but the devil's takin' names
When the last curtain falls

I got a deep sick worry and I don't know
Where are you? what are you doing tonight?
Laughing and crying are almost the same
They just show everyone how much
Attention you're paying
So dry them eyes
Everyone else went back inside


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