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Trijntje Oosterhuis Lyrics

No I don't wanna wait until tomorrow
Just wanna live my life today, babe
I've been living in confusion and in sorrow
Why can't nobody hear me when I say
I know there must be something out there
I know, that can help me find my way
'cause I'm in desperate need of some answers
To my questions of today
And I'm looking for blame
Before it drives me insane
I don't know any other way

I just wanna be free
I'm in too deep
It's not what I need
There must be something better for me

See, there must be a light at the end of the tunnel
It's written in the sky
And maybe that I've been a little bit too humble
And I often wonder why

I know, there must be other people who feel the way I do
I know it's hard to understand me
I don't wanna take it out on you

And I'm trying to find
Where I should draw the line
I'm a prisoner of this state of mind

I just wanna be free
( I just wanna be me )
I'm in too deep
It's not what I need
There must be something better for me

See I've got nothing to lose
This is my life and I choose
And I don't care if I fall
'cause it's all or nothing at all

I just wanna be free

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Comments from YouTube:

kathy eddy

I live this woman’s voice❤️😊

kathy eddy

That was Love this woman’s voice!

Maru Palstra

Heerlijk, geweldig nummer!!


Blijft één van de beste nummers van La Oosterhuis :) 


I heard that somewhere in 90s