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Miserere mei Deus
by Allegri

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This piece was regarded by the Vatican as  one of the most "holy", or rather most "useful", musical pieces they possessed in their library. So much so that centuries they guarded the piece and did not allow anyone to copy the manuscript. They where not prepared, however, for a special visit in 1770 from a 14 year old named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozard, who, on a trip to Rome with his father, heard the piece twice and transcribed it faithfully from memory thus creating the first known unauthorised copy!

Operation Music

Helium brought us here.


That is exactly what happened


+Operation Clothing Music yea i typed choire boy with yellow baloon as at the time 10 min ago i didnot know it was helium but found out anyway

Eric Martinez

fuh real tho. had to look in the comments section to find the name of this.

Hare Christ


Chloe Williams

helium brought me here as well.

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I am not a christian or any kind of religious person but I have to admit, this is a hauntingly beautiful piece of music.

Gabriella Janošková

That´s great.

Alfredo Punzi

+Ratmaster4000 I 'm not religious neither. But no need to be religious to appreciate and enjoy this. Too often we forget that this kind of pieces are written by humans who are inspired by his own soul, but in a epoch wherever communion with "God" is not questioned. It's a matter of inspiration, any human could got. Well, not any... just geniuses

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