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Billy Stewart Lyrics

Chuck a-chuck-chuck (huh! yeah!)

And the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin, don't you know my darling, I said a-right now
And the cotton is high
Like-a like-a like-a you're daddy's rich
And your mommy's good-lookin', yeah
So hush, pretty little baby, don't you cry

One of these, one of these, one of these mornings, darlin'
You're gonna rise, you're gonna rise up singin'
Then you'll spread your little wings, your little wings
And-a take to the ska-da-da-da-dy
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, until-a that mornin'
There's nothin' gonna harm you, girl
With Mommy and Daddy standing by, yeah

Pretty little darlin', I said, a-right now
Don't let a tear, don't let a tear, don't let a tear
Little darlin', I said, fall a-from your eyes

So hush, pretty baby
Chuck a-chuck-chuck

Little darlin' do not let a tear fall-a from your ey-ey-ey-ey-eye

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Comments from YouTube:

Eric Johnson

Man... my father used to sing this to me when I was little at bedtime to go too sleep. He loved Billy Stewart. He has dementia, but when I played this video, his face perked right up; as if, it took him back to when I was young. Thank god for small favors....

Rodolfo Mattos

Meu pai também, quando era pequeno , ao sabados a tarde, quando ele ficava feliz , só que no Brasil , melhoras para o teu pai , ele tem bom gosto ,.


@Marston Fobbs Think it has something to do with the fact that you're using your whole body to experience the music (like playing and/or dancing). Just like when you retain information better when you take notes while the teacher is talking.

Feezan Brittain

Nice story. My heart goes out to you and your dad. Your have a good heart


Amazing. Time and consciousness really are interesting phenomena.

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Illusory Truth Effect

By far the best rendition of this song. The brass has a distant, epic feel to it and Stewart's very melodic scat style is superb. What a great song

Deborah Bluhm

It’s not by far the best because Joplin’s rendition is on a par but so different it’s almost not comparable, but they are both my favourite versions.

Jerry Strange

Well said on all points!

James Ricklef

What a great version of this song.  Billy Stewart totally owns it here.

None Of your business

What’s the original

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