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Baby I'm For Real
The Originals Lyrics

You don't understand
How much I love you baby
And how much I wanna be your only man
And you know, darling
You don't have to go
I want you stay a little while longer
I wanna talk to you just a little more

Baby I'm for real
I see those tears in your eyes
And I know you are wondering

Baby, baby
You don't understand
How much I love you baby
How much I wanna be your only man
Oh baby

Baby, baby, baby
You don't have to go
Stay a little while longer, baby
I wanna talk to you just a little more

I see the little tears in your eyes
About to fall
You are wondering if I'm falling

But if you cry, I wonder why you cry
I tell you, know why this is how I feel
Oh baby, baby I'm for real
Baby, I'm here
Baby, I'm here

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Capitol CMG Publishing
Written by: Marvin Gaye, Anna Gordy Gaye

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Marvin Worthy

Story time
Loved her at first sight
Met her at work
She was so beautiful
We had interacted but we were too busy to look at each other.
She was having to lift heavy ass boxes her line didn’t have a loader I saw two women doing that and said uh uh.
I started loading for 4 cells
Two lines
We met at the kart because she was stubborn
We look at each other and time froze.
It was on.
But it took a year for me to find her again because she quit the job before I could get her information.
She was on my mind heavy and an opportunity appeared.
We tried
It didn’t work

Months later she was on my mind heavy one night I was listening to these songs.
She had been hurting so she didn’t believe me but decided to give me a try -showed up at my apartment unannounced.
Normally a no no but I was just happy to hug her again and see that smile, hear that voice.

Ex boy friend finds out somehow, begins interfering,
Everything went wrong after that. He popped up on her, chased her down one night.
A lot of threats were made.
Sweet lil baby didn’t deserve that.
One night she ran to my spot.
I heard her in the snowfall as she cried.
I comforted her - took her coat, got her some water.
We tried again
I was for real
She had an attitude towards men after that….took it out on me.
She’s got so much pain in her I still care.
I know she’s battling something big.
Shit like this made those songs because the emotion
It’s real

We argued and I really lost my temper with her and them words hurt
“I saw those little tears”

How can I love you and hurt you like that.
Those tears man I’ll never forget that
She got her little coat and was taken aback when I told her to wait for me to walk her to the car
Never had a man care of she was safe

She be tripping though

Stay a while longer baby
I wanna talk to you a little more
This song is reality

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Baby Carlisle

My first boyfriend dedicated this song to me...unfortunately he was not for real LOL But I still love the song and the message.....:)

desi ma


Angie Leigh

LMAO 💯💯💯

Robert Gutierrez


Pedro Muñoz Jimenez

Y que megano sino meban atratar bien así como en donde estoy

Art Alv

Lol ^

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Maria Whorton

I remember seeing them in concert in San Antonio at the Joe Freeman Coliseum. Must have been 16 or so. I am blessed to have been born in an era that had great soulful music.

Mary Harris



My husband bought me this song 44 years ago ,we are still together :)


Blessings. How wonderful🌺

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