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What They Say
Chris Smither Lyrics

They say the good die young but it ain't for certain.
I bin good all day. I ain't hurtin'.
Not in any way.
I'm too old to die young.

I shouldn't talk too loud.
Bad luck is preying on the proud ones.
There's nothin' like lying in a graveyard
To teach you to hold your tongue.

(Guitar turn around)

They say the Devil was an angel back in the beginnin'
So was I. Nobody's pinnin' any hopes on me.
I ain't sayin' that they ought'a.

I didn't wanna change but the road kept slidin' in a funny way
And I kept ridin' on it anyway.
Sometimes you do what you gott'a.

What they say. What they do.
They'll swear it is. They'll think it's true.
When they think at all but they ain't willin'.
If they cain't think of what to say, they talk anyway.
It's all cliché, fast food for the brain but not too fillin'.

(Guitar turn around)

They say time and tide will wait for no-one.
The time it takes one tide to go one time
Around the world would leave you spinnin'

But the race is on between the tide
And the people livin' right beside it.
No-one's drownin' yet but they ain't winnin'.

If words were wisdom, we'd all speak
And smarten up from week to week
Just sayin' "live and learn". There's nothin' to it.

Friends in need are friends indeed
But the friends who think of what we need
They hardly talk at all. They just do it.
They hardly talk at all. They just do it.

Writer(s): Chris Smither Copyright: Homunculus Music

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