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The Sleeping Beauty
Dark the Suns Lyrics

I cannot close my eyes
I', watching sleeping beauty
the world without the fear,
the world without the pain

Tonight there are no tears, no cry
tonight there are no painted smiles

There is a ghost on the sun
when night has fallen on the ground
angels are dancing on the sky
I'm watching sleeping beauty

Tonight your voice is calling again
Everything is so perfect, you are here tonight
I buried you deep in my heart
and now our fate becomes one

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Comments from YouTube:

wesley pawlowski

Dark The Suns is my favorite now.WOW!!!

Дима Кораблев

Это не возможно забыть... Как первый приход...

clau bedoya

Me encanta 💟

Michał Urbaniak

The Tanhut


youssef slimane

Buffalo 86

was looking up Tcahikovsky, found this instead

Edu Gonzalez

Este genero es lo megor noce porque mikko dego de hacer estas hermosas melodias

Daniel Bojidarov

There is a ghost on the sun

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