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by EZ3kiel

Barbary, Cartea Negra, Tsunami, Enola Gay, Kamikaze, Valkiries, Fatwah, Globalization, Police brutality, Death row, Guernica, Dolly clone, Snuff films, Cannibalism, Les Racines du Mal, Shoah, Big Brother, BZ, Tchernobyl, Anthrax, Hooligans, Apartheid, Klu Klux Klan, Taliban, Mafia, Land mines, Pollution, Famine, Torture, Xenophobe, Pandemonium, Oil Spills, Electric chair, Alcatraz, Attila, Mercenaries, Radioactivity, Collateral loss, Universal, Cut throats, War, Murder, Jezabel, Bethlehem, Apocalypse, Madness, Rape.

Cataclysm, Samsary, BSE, Barbary, Bombs, Torpedos, Nuclear, Traffic jams, Schizophrenic, Concentration camps, Heartless, Prestige, Zyklon B, Napalm, Vicious, Debris.

Lullaby, Fairy Tales, Spiritual, Harmonies, Maternal, Honey, Poetry, Feathers, Meditation, Avalokiteshvara, Peace, Caress, Honesty, Muse, Martin Luther King, Relief,
Gardian Angel / Cain and Abel, Birth / Death, Essence / Camouflage, Natural / Clonage, Aphrodite / Attila, Gandhi / Generals, Tenderness /


Combat, Paramilitary, Clonee, Refugee Camps, Chains and Guns, Whips and pain, Identifies, Immolation, Attacks, Carpet Bombs, Biological, Chemical, Genocide, Amputees, Catastrophes, Crualty, Dictator, Insane, Victims, Poverty, Heartbreak, Factories, OGM, Handcuffs, Horrid traps, Massacres, Lapidation, Four Quarters, Hell on Earth, Homeless, Fire Blaze, Jezabel.
Barbary, Destroy, Futile, Despair, Cataclysm, NRA, Uranium, BSE, Bombs, Tropedos, Nuclear, Traffic Jams, Schizophrenic, Concentration Camps, Heartless, Prestige, Zyklon B, Napalm, Vicious, White Hate.

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Comments from YouTube:

Bigfoot Du Mercantour

pas tout jeune ce morceau :) ca fait toujours plaisir... Et j'étais même à Bourg-de-Péage (en 2002 ou 2003, sais plus trop) pour ce beau et bon concert...

Yossra Ifaoui

@keffypoo Since he is french, his mistake was saying it in french instead of english. He meant by OGM "Organisme Génétiquement Modifié" which is GMO in english "Genetically Modified Organism" and not the "Ogg Media File".


THX for the good work on the film and one of the most powerful from Ez3kiel, cheers



Lord Erasmus

holy s*** i love my life now. This vid' is so scary but unfortunatly true

Zineb Abana

Wow!! This is actually good music.
Is ez3kiel a French band??


Ouais on est des monstres ici.

Try Two Handed

+Zineb Abana Yes.

Obscuris Sanctum

Tellement de chose à dire sur c'est images, mais bon très beau montage merci !

AbdelKader Benamer

Suite litanie des paradoxes des faits humains trop humains. C 'est sombre et clair, c 'est sublime t mortifère ! Merci aux anges d'en bas d'Ézéchiel

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