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Four More Years
GO! With Fourteen O Lyrics

there's a cold wind blowing
from the right
my cheek is turning blue
as my skin is turning white
bring a flashlight
there will be dark inside
in the black fog
nowhere to hide
bring your weapons
every man for himself
everyone by themselves
get used to the freezing climate
we'll be stuck inside for four more years
get used to the stench
and learn how to like it
in the meantime we plan the escape

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Comments from YouTube:


Classic! I miss this scene

King Conker

I used to listen to this everyday

Svinozilla Show

Such a good song, love it.


Just found my old iPod and came across this song again. Totally forgot it existed. Good stuff.

Berrimor Cute

same shit here bro. old good times

oscar garay

Dam! Throwback I member me and my friends would hear this band my one friend Carlos loved these fools trollzar this one for you bro


I share similar memories

Savage Lynel Butt Plug

Didn't expect to see Operation Ivy here.


If hate were people I'd be china!

Tomasz Hardy

X: I hate you! Y: I hate you more! If hate were people, I'd be China!

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