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What All the Screaming's About
Robot Goes Here Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Robot Goes Here:

I'm Holding a Burning Match You buried your trail deep under Thousands of pages of…

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Comments from YouTube:


I listened to this when i was like 11 and i first figured out how to use in 2011 and its still a bop

Shane Valcich

Wow, I remember the first time I heard this at my friends house prob in 06. Being a computer nerd I loved the digital sound-scape, and the aggressive punk vocal melody and chaotic score filled my need for the release of anger through music. I immediately knew that this was something I wanted to listen to over and over again. What I didn't notice back then was that you were acting as a musical prophet for my current favorite acts in the EDM scene like Ghostland Observatory. Much respect...

Dan The Human

I love this!

pea pod

Lovvvvvvve this song. I've known it for like.. 2 years. I love it && seing green. amazingg(:


Live In The Van [:


I started listening to this guy in 2005 and I turned out alright.

Punx Poetic

How the hell I haven't seen this yet is beyond me.

Jared Jon Jerzak



saw him this pass weekend in greenville,nc fucking great


hey - no one cares. Unless you're takin the mic and screaming your song.

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