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Garden of Delight Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Garden of Delight:

High Empress Mr. Crowley What went wrong in your head? Oh, Mr. Crowley Di…
High Empress (liber 777) Mr. Crowley What went wrong in your head? Oh, Mr. Crowley Di…
Sangreal Scarlet woman, sister bride Beloved wife of Jesus Where's yo…
Spirit Invocation I've closed the door way Laughter sounds outside I cannot …

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Comments from YouTube:

Jarkko Rantajoki

Never heard this version before, love the song! Thanks for this. :)

Fabio C. Nunes

kkk, Goetia!

Belial Friki Channel

Sisters of Mercy but awesome :)

Stéphane Flauder

The opening riff is very Cult-ish, too



Δημήτρης Ανδρέου

CAN SOMEONE post the god damn lyrics?!?!?!?!?!?!?


copy of Sisters of Mercy but they are quite nice...

Dardo paz

Nada que ver esto es gotiko rok. O rok gotico ... Sisters no es gotico estilo diferente. Garden son mas moderno con un metal mucho mas furista. Asta la vos es diferente el de garden es un vampiro ..... El de sisters una mierda. No compares idiota aprende