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Fields of the Nephilim Lyrics

Moonchild... Moonchild Moonchild Moonchild

Well it's a righteous dream, out of mind yeah
A righteous dream, out of mind yeah
{Is it right just dreaming out of my day}

Take your horses
Let them crawl
Put them in their cages
(That's righteous for your soul)

Open your eyes
Despite what seems
That's a righteous part of me

Lower me down, lower me down
Moonchild... lower me down down down down down down

Well it's a righteous day, out of mind yeah
A righteous day

Never return, I'm waiting no more
They take no prisoners in the promised war
I'll die for this
I'll die for this
Take it away


Take off for safer places
Can't you see
You're losing me {He sure is, losing me that is :-)}


{Variation on chorus}

Well I'm listening to an empty hall
You can't see for they've burned before
They take me down to the [window] shame
Longevity hear my fame


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Comments from YouTube:

angela w

I had the coolest babysitter she used to bring round her The mission, sisters of mercy and these on vinyl and play them till my parents got home 😎 37 now and still listening to them all on vinyl

bill smith

Fuck yeah, had one very similar who babysat me, but unfortunately only a few times.....but had that goth vibe down to a science, to say the was sexy as hell both physically as well as personally, was a bummer to not get to see her kinda out of the blue like that, but was going into her first year at college from what i remember her telling me, which makes it understandable.....Idk, maybe i can write something in the help wanted ads, or Craigslist maybe even......"35 year old man, looking for a sexy goth girl to babysit me"

Stuart Jenkins

@Storm Warrior Music is eternal. Do you not play the music of your own youth to your own younglings?

Denver Wood


Gavin Reid

Did you live in Leeds?

Jennifer Lang

May the Gods forever bless vinyl!!❤❤❤

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Does anyone remember the days in the 80's when Goths would try and do a 'Neph' look and basically pour flour over themselves so they get all 'dusty' and looked like they have been walking through a desert/dusty western city. Ah they were the days! :D

Peter King

i did it myself lol

Robert Metzger

No ! I cant say that I have seen that !! LOLOLOLHAHA just the long Duster coats and hats maybe white face also ! I liked my White Clown paint ! LOLOLOLHAHA

Axe Andrew Andrew


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