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Embraced Empathy
Hemophiliac Lyrics

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Personally I always imagined this as either being a good theme for an outdoor bar at Costa Del Sol, or a good theme for a Christmas party at Tifa's Seventh Heaven in Edge.

Eddie G

"Welcome to the ShinRa Inc. helpdesk hotline. For MAKO enquiries, press 1. To report reactor breakdown, press 2. To check on your SOLDIER application status, press 3. For more information on the JENOVA project, press 4. If you wish to report Reno and Rude for skiving off, press 5. To speak with a customer service officer, press 0"


awesome. Puts a smile on my face everytime :)


"Please wait while we try to connect you, your call is very important to us."

Chris Payne

This song is great, however, from around 2:20 to the end, the notes begin running into each other in such a manner that I'm curious as to whether or not the author began to drink heavy alcohol towards the end (though I'm not down-playing him/her). However, if you can't hear what I'm talking about, then you definitely are done-deaf. However, it's still a nice song, just up to a point.

Shotgun Rhode

i wonder if this is what is heard in final fantasy VII's purgatory...


lol this is awesome!


Oh god, I can see sephiroth in the elevator, at work in CC... Thinking..  goddess please, if i have to be in that one more time. I am going to kill someone, then the door opens and it Gene, and he looks up at him, and says hay, I need the 148 floor, the door closes and Sephiroth's eye twitches. Because he was going down. Must not kill Gene.... lol


See you too..

Damian Handy

Steps into an Elevator. Rude enters. Minutes pass... Me: Sup. Rude: .... -awkward silence for the rest of the elevator ride-

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