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Coked Up Beauty Queen
Hoover Dams Lyrics

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Epic Unicat

@Karl with a K so you're telling us that to be successful you have to work 11 and a half hours every day of the week to make a meesly 6 figure salary? And you call that success?

Most people making a 6 figure salary aren't working 11.5 hours 7 days a week. Most don't even work 10 hours for 5 days a week.

Sure to get to where they are took hard work, but for the amount of time you spend at work to make that amount of money isn't considered success, hard work sure.

If you make 6 figures for 11.5 hours a day, I'd figure that with all that brain power you supposedly have that you'd start your own self running business that makes for more money for far less time. Or better yet, you'd spend your days investing your money so that you don't have to work 11.5 hours anymore.

It sounds like you've gotten yourself into so much debt that your 6 figure salary can't keep up with the amount of spending you do on unreliable luxury brands because you can't manage your finances.

If you're making a 6 figure salary and you're pulling loans to buy a car then you're doing something wrong. If you have to pull a loan for a house with a 50% down payment your credit is either absolute trash and that's the only way you can ever hope to buy a home, or again, you're just making yet another purchase your 11.5 hour 6 figure salary can't handle.

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The hurricane season is almost upon us! Stay safe with Aquadam:

Justina Marina

Totally love the lift house


Awesome idea


@Salma Hussein no it's not.

Richard Fravel

Great thing to have

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Hi! I am one of the neighbors for the "eye of the storm" house in the 3rd story. To my knowledge, none of the neighbors nor I have ever laughed at the house before, We actaully thought that it looked really cool, and we thought it was insane it could withstand hurricanes. I just wanted to let that out there!

Ray Bois

Thanks for the over 500 likes..

Ray Bois

@Oliver Kearsley I would appreciate it if you could rewrite my comment with the right spelling.

Oliver Kearsley

@Ray Bois you spelt most of the words wrong


that's what I thought... + the design was cool and amazing... .

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