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Square Hammer
Melodicka Bros Lyrics

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Ghost Living in the night 'Neath heavens torn asunder You call on …

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Jonatas Carmona

Ok, I know this is asking too much.


Damn, I'D LOVE to listen/sing to that Instrumental, just to pay homage to you guys.

This is just

Cheers from Brazil and keep rocking!

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Melodicka Bros

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Kishin Asura

Weird no my friends you have discovered something beutiful and new yet familiar and old school it's hard to describe as it is truly something fresh and unique. In fact I'm subscribing to you just for seeing this video for the first time


i cant so its so ugly

FidoPapoi TV

Spotify, here I come!

Ish Ajac

I think this works better than the original. They tried to squeeze that shit in with Hard Rock and it never flew as Hard Rock for me. Listen to Meliora and you'll hear Hard Rock by Ghost.

Brandon Ogden

Hey, what about Nine Inch Nails synth?

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Forgive me Father, for I have synth...

Péter Káplár

This is hands down the best comment ever made 😎🎹

Marie Christine

You so clever

Juan Conner

I just died. Thank you for your service.

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