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As the Earth Kissed the Moon
Michael Stearns Lyrics

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Paul Jones

"John was trying to contact aliens" brought me here. Amazing tune.




Paul! I've found it. Cant believe I didnt know it 😳 Vangelis Alpha! To think I was cultured and enough of a film buff to recognise his music (d'oh) will go back to school immediately 😂😉


@Paul Jones no it's not that one either 😢I heard the tune when I was about 10 and loved it so much, overplayed the cassette and broke it! I've just checked (lol) its 4:15 into the documentary and as it's so short it's not listed...if I remember correctly it starts off like a ticking clock?!? It's so frustrating to be so close yet so far away🤦‍♀️ thanks for looking tho 😘

Paul Jones

@Buggle7619 was it harmonia -wattusi?


And me! But it was another piece briefly heard at the beginning (old photos of his first builds) 20secs and it was a piece I've been trying to find for 30yrs and this wasnt it😭 great piece though!

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There's something very sad about this piece of music at the beginning with the little nightingale singing into the night with the grasshoppers and cicadas. It's funny to think that although he has long passed, this little bird's voice is forever immortalised on this record.
There's also a spooky bit at 8:03 with a woman's voice singing. Somehow, it conjures up Egypt and Pharoahs...

gayle jensen

I have intensely loved this album since I first got, I even had it to sooth me when in labor with my sons,timeless and beyond words eternally elegant and full of so many rich emotions....;-)

Dejael Long

Yes I have always had visions of being on the Gizah plateau at night looking up to the stars near the Great Pyramids while hearing this music in the night...


This amazing tune makes me remember the instrumwntal part of Carpet Crawl by Genesis! Michael Stearns is a wizard genius! his music is so cosmic and human same time!

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