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I Have Never Kissed You
Nixon Lyrics

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Smart of him to think of getting mutants on the government's side rather than making them all the enemy

Monster blood

Super Humans on the military sounds like a good idea




@K Lmao, trying to act smart xD

Marcelo Bertoni 2.0

That's NIxon for you.


Only earlier in the film, when Mystique came out to protect Nixon by posing as him to confront Magneto. After sparing Trask, she disguised herself as a soldier and left. That was Nixon who made the decision that it's better to have some of the mutants fighting alongside with the government and having realized the dangers the Sentinels posed if ever used against humanity one day. He also realized how insane Trask is along with the fact that he also tried to sell his Sentinel program to the enemies of the US, which was in violation of the harsh sanctions imposed on the Communist nations.

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Ching Ching

I am not sure why they deleted this scene. It makes the ending (Mystique posing as Major Stryker) a lot more logical. Without it, I couldn't figure the continuity. With this scene, it explains that Major Stryker/Mystique is intentionally getting Trask arrested.

Edyson Maldonado Baten

@ladyfire44 Ladyfire44, you a smart girl. Are you single by any chance?


He still should've been arrested alongside Trask at the end of Days of Future Past.


ladyfire44 Stryker was arrested in X Men Apocalypse by Moira McTaggert but for different reasons than Trask, this was in a deleted scene

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