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Oxia Lyrics

I knew that i had drunk too much
I had passed my drink degree
I climbed into my rented car
I was happy as could be
Then i pulled out of the driveway
And the lights began to blur
Within a mile the car was stopped
By a police officer - she said
"did you see the light was red?
Did you see the light at all?"
Then i fell into her open arm
And that's all that i recall
I knew that i had danced before
But it never made the news
Surprised to find my two left feet
In john travolta's shoes
I hogged the space around a girl
I found so full of verve
Then i moved in slowly for the kill
And watched her body swerve,
She said "did you know i'm not impressed
With the way you dance at all"
Then i fell into her open arms
And that's all that i recall
Blacked out and wasted
I had to be persuaded
With my view a little jaded
That i was about to go
Down like a domino
I knew that i had said too much
But tact was not my way
Tears were on her bottom lip
She had nothing more to say except
"did you know this love we have
Has made me feel so small"
Then i fell into her open arms
And that's all that i recall

Writer(s): Andre Raymond Olivier Copyright: Premiere Music Group S.a.r.l.

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"There are all these dimensions, worlds, alternate realities, and they're all right on top of each other.

Every time you make a choice, a decision, it FORKS OFF into a new possibility.

We wanted truism, chances, the movements that would allow us to travel to dimensions permanently. And stay there.

We wanted a new life… in a new world.

To us, that was freedom."

Dark Alley Lord (Jesus Christ, the Son of God): My heart aches when the ones who I govern live in the midst of sin.
They do not even know it is sin until the sins they commit pile higher and become a tall strong tower.
But I will forgive everyone who breaks down their tower, becomes cleansed, and comes to me.
Your pains are my pains.
Your suffering becomes my suffering.
Everyone who lives in the midst of sin, quickly repent and come back to me.
My path is straight and my bosom is wide and deep.
I have expressed all my love for mankind.
Repent sincerely so that you will not go to Hell.

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Everson Zoio



Да Бро, песдатооооо!

Banesa æCaudill


Banesa æCaudill

Intocable el perdedor segun gana ke es eso🇵🇪🤸👌👌🚣🧘🇮🇷💻🧕🔯👯‍♂️🇸🇾👯‍♀️✡️🕺🇸🇾👯‍♂️🍍🇲🇱👼

Banesa æCaudill

Husky size and X Llavves?

Banesa æCaudill

XL X Llaves

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Raffael Marques

Esse som é surreal, todas as vezes que você escutar vai ser uma experiencia incrível, mesmo que passe anos.

Sebastian Manobanda


Guilherme Maneiro

meu irmão de 3 anos conhece toda vez que toca ele fala é a musica dos coelhos ?

Davi Schimidt Sets Mixados

@Fabrício Azevedo kkkk! Isso é muito bom.

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