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Episode 4: Stephen Merchant
Paramount Comedy Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


There can be no greater proof that I'd watch any old crap as long as Karl's in it.


I thought it was pretty good actually although JLC gets a bit much with his "Oh come on! bloody brilliant! I totally would! Let's see it!"


"ya ya, go on, right, go on go on, ya go on"

Marcvie J.

11:03 - "Have you taken a load of drugs?" hahahha classic reaction to one of Karl's ridiculous story's!


I love Karl winning that phone for the lady that just got out of a coma, magic


@JamesAOK No probs James. It was a fantastic show. Its a pity I only got 2 episodes, but at least its better than nothing !!!!

unboxing Entertainment

used to love watching this. it should come back on tv


@topotoonoon Around 15-20 minutes on a 10MB per second internet cable connection :)


Brilliant, thanks so much for uploading this!


i think ive burst a vein from laughing so much. funniest thing ive ever seen!

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