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Speedy Gonzales
Pat Boone Lyrics

It was a moonlit night in old Mexico
I walked alone between some old adobe haciendas
Suddenly, I heard the plaintive cry of a young Mexican girl

You better come home, Speedy Gonzales
Away from tannery row
Stop all a your a-drinkin'
With that floozy named Flo
Come on home to your adobe
And slap some mud on the wall
The roof is leakin' like a strainer
There's loads a roaches in the hall

Speedy Gonzales, why don't cha come home?
Speedy Gonzales, how come ya leave me all alone?

"Hey, Rosita, I hafta go shopping downtown for my mother
She needs some tortillas and chili peppers."

Your doggy's gonna have a puppy
And we're runnin' outta Coke
No enchiladas in the icebox
And the television's broke
I saw some lipstick on your sweatshirt
I smelled some perfume in your ear
Well if you're gonna keep on messin'
Don't bring your business back a-here

Mmm, Speedy Gonzales, why don't cha come home?
Speedy Gonzales, how come ya leave me all alone?

"Hey, Rosita come quick
Down at the cantina they giving green stamps with tequila!!"

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Buddy Kaye, David Hess, Ethel Lee

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Comments from YouTube:

mike rayner videos

so what happened to green stamps :)

Piero Blasi

@Ale VeHrz

Ale VeHrz

I was fixing to get in line. Green stamps AND tequila, that's a good deal.

James& Nicole White

He ate them, and had a good trip

mike rayner videos

@Butter 1159 big love for that 💖💐 🎶 🐦 🌷🌹 😍 🌺 💖

Butter 1159

I born 78 and i remember...u filled up a book with green stamps and it was worth 1$.

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Oh, why hello there

I totally forgot I used to listen to this song, and when I heard someone say "speedy Gonzales" my brain just went right back to this


When someone says speedy Gonzales my brain cell goes LALALALALALALALALALAAAAAAAAAAAA

《Kun-games gacha YT uwu》


Hu Bi

Remembrance of me maybe

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