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Plastikman Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Plastikman:

Ask Yourself (i guess it's a good place to start... inside my…
Disconnect I try in vain To disconnect my brain I don't know if…
Ethnik These guys in st. louis gave me crystals Like huge crystals…
Gak On the edge…
Gak (remix) I sve je pocelo ovako I tog dana kad sam video tvoje…
I Don I don't know What you're looking at What you're listening …
I Don't Know I don't know What you're looking at What you're listening …
I No I... don't... know...…
Mind In Rewind My mind Works in rewind Why was I so Blind?…
Okx I don't remember falling asleep The last thing I remember is…

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Comments from YouTube:


if people actually knew how this was made in 1993 their view would be different. this track is a history lesson. 


@ryanrc111 Very interesting insight for someone like myself who doesn't know much about the genres! Thanks for the good read!

Aye Ready

Boom boom boom boom

Robrecht Cornelis

@PoPeYeBIGBOSS different times of 'rona now I guess, still a great track


@PoPeYeBIGBOSS drugs for mugs


@Iambent I would 100% call this Techno my friend. In my opinion probably what all who play 'minimal' techno should aspire to

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Manny Regalado

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!! I haven't heard this since the NINETIES!!!! Jumping and dancing to this in a fucking line with everyone else in the rave at the same time next to the ginormous speakers...GODDMAN THAT BRINGS ME BACK. CHICAGOOOOOOOOO!!!


During this time I worked at a factory and one time a bigshot came to the back of the shop because I had this blaring on the radio. He thought a machine was damaged and making the "weird sounds." We both laughed when he found out it was music. Man Detroit raves were the best back then.

Techno Music

That's fucking jokes

Kev Moore

That's so funny Vince!

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