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Plastikman Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Plastikman:

Ask Yourself (i guess it's a good place to start... inside my…
Disconnect I try in vain To disconnect my brain I don't know if…
Ethnik These guys in st. louis gave me crystals Like huge crystals…
Gak On the edge…
Gak (remix) I sve je pocelo ovako I tog dana kad sam video tvoje…
I Don I don't know What you're looking at What you're listening to…
I Don't Know I don't know What you're looking at What you're listening to…
I No I... don't... know...…
Mind In Rewind My mind Works in rewind Why was I so Blind?…
Okx I don't remember falling asleep The last thing I remember is…

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Comments from YouTube:


it sounds boring on your computer, but when this is played at a party, it's AWESOME, believe me

Jason kojack

To go back just for 1 weekend.


One of the hardest baselines ever

Popol P

Mostly mixed with 1 or 2 other songs


boring? please

Ricky Baillie

@Pao Castillo 8 likes 4 months after the last one

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if people actually knew how this was made in 1993 their view would be different. this track is a history lesson. 

Kevin D

@Dominik Pintarić oh that's pretty awesome and on point, but ain't ALL dance music just that?

Todd Holland

Old school 90`s raver from Detroit & Windsor here... ritchie hawtin is top shelf.


@ryanrc111 Very interesting insight for someone like myself who doesn't know much about the genres! Thanks for the good read!

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