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As Always
Ra.D Lyrics

Falling in love
너에게 왠지
빠져버린 것 같아
뭐 별다른 것도 없는
그런 날인데
So breezy
And love comes in

Maybe I try
또 다시 내게
찾아온 이 사랑은
반복되는 싸움과
화해 속에 멀어져가네
So silly
Love is over

But Ill be happy to keep try
한 번이라도
사랑해보지 않은 것처럼
Love always shines brightly
바다 속 빛나는
유리 조각처럼

산다는 게
내 마음대로
되지 않는다는 것
세상 모든 게 미워질 때쯤
너를 찾아
다시 떠날 거야

Ill be happy to keep try
한 번이라도
사랑해 보지
않은 것처럼
Love always shines brightly
바닷속 빛나는
유리 조각처럼

너와 춤을 추고
너와 노래하며
꿈처럼 달콤한 날들을 보내면
I still have too many things to do
멋진 추억을 갖게 될 거야
Honey just feel this wave with me
바닷속 빛나는
유리 조각처럼

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Comments from YouTube:

Ma.Carmela Acosta

After JK sang this during his live, armies immediately searched for this. 🤣 such a lovely song. 💜


you're absolutley currect army💜🥺

Menif Sarah


M. C

Lol literally just got here from jungkook's Vlive . It's a really beautiful song thankful for the subtitles

mafia agamyaa

I come here after listening this song in JUNGKOOK LIVE.......he literary have best taste in music....beautiful...such a masterpiece....this song deserve more views and likes.......

mafia agamyaa

@Menif Sarah army

Menif Sarah

Yes me too

mafia agamyaa

@Deepa deepa borahae.......

Deepa deepa

Yes me too


I'm here bc JK promoted this song! This song definitely deserves more recognition. Omg I'm writing this comment as I'm listening to the song. It's! So! Good! Thank You JK and RA.D

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