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Brand New Vandals
Rob Sonic Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Rob Sonic:

Dylsexia That's it baby YES! I'mma do some new shit, some new new…
Former Future Quintessent, need a mortgage, main transplant Went in his w…
GORF Tersed Ali keeping the first fair Southbound breathing and g…
Jesus Christ Super Tramp Poor little criminal, timid stockade Rib visit, isn't full, …
Sniper Picnic (Rob Sonic, spoken) This is the sniper picnic, we got my…
Super Ball You face that, ball You face that, oh You face that, wall …
SuperBall You face that, ball You face that, oh You face that, wall Yo…

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Comments from YouTube:


this is good stuff

Soup is good

New favourite

Trust The Shooters

Nasty Beat

Trust The Shooters


Z-monster124 SuperSaiyanGodSaiyan

Lit song it was on skate 3

Rob Base Robs Military Bases

One of my favorite skate 3

Kamel Striker

First comment! Man this other guy wishes Rob Sonic was more popular but he’s not here, he’ll no ones here. Hello???

toxic top hat

Bass line on this song brought me here

Mitchel 7346

Skate 3 helped him become popular


Tue beat is wil d