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Bar Breaker
by Prof

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Comments from YouTube:



oh bless your heart, bless your heart
wooo! (hey)
okay, i’m reloaded! yeah
some heads talking about me like
“that dude ain’t a true rapper though, he ain't hip hop
he ain’t got those bars, bars, y’know what i’m talkin’ about?
whata, what what does that make me, what am i really though?
y’know what i mean, uh

verse 1
they call me the bar breaker
you should kick me out the club
i’m a big bad wolf, i’m a jameson thug
i wave hi while i’m cave diving day high
coated in KY we’ll orgy on the hay ride
i hustle like an ethiopian custodian
quick grab the trophys, you can leave behind the opium
executive american all the way from a derelict
drinking at the sheraton, daring chicks into marriages
oh yeah, marry me baby
half hour later you can carry me, baby
i’m skinny dipping, swimmin’ with young dominican women
last time i wasn’t pimpin’ it’s been a minute (hey)
no need to pay me to, i’m drinking in some daisy dukes
80 proof, get retarded like a baby do
i’m so good at rap that its not even fair
you know my shit bangs, i ain’t talking about hair
come on

chorus x 2
hey, hey, hey, hey

verse 2
3 smoking hot chicks and a couple of babes
call me the mailman how i come every day
if you ain’t feeling my shit it’s completely understandable
i’m beyond rap, homie i’m speakin' animal
think about leaving they callin’ me bro
finish a bottle and i’m good to go
know you’re all lame, and i'm not even bo
so untouchable i’m in the zone
fall back
de be deep, de be deep, what’cha call that
lift the dick, better lick to the ball sack
bring a fifth to the kid and i’m on that
they all on my new shit, thugs and the students
girl i’m a cowboy, baby i’m a nuisance
i’m a problem, tell me that you love me
you could be a model it don’t matter if you chubby
tickle tickle
i’m always in the middle
give me trouble, big girls they make me feel so little
take your clothes off, we’re streaking in my kitchen
hunting, fishing, fucking, kissing

chorus x 2
hey, hey, hey, hey

verse 3

i’m buck wild, i never have it together
have you noticed i leave every show on a stretcher?
prof in the amberlamp, on his way to the hotel
these hoes smell i hope the blow job goes well
whiskey in my IV, boner in my boxers
i’m always with some rosario dawson impostors
head like a dildo, back is made of rubber
i’m the energizer bunny, i’m a tough mother (hey)
tomorrow it’s my birthday i’ll sign up for karate
and i’ll kidnap the sensei and get the black belt probably
i know you seen me win the beef with john stamos
a hundred years from now that show will still be on cable
“what kind of man is this? high on medical cannabis
startin’ riots on campuses, no one should be a fan of this.”
listen closely i’m not gonna shout
i’ve tried being humble it’s just not working out

Tony Snark

Good man.

Tony Snark

Cool, but someone upload the video cuz its ridiculous that he thought he had to take it down.

Patrick Chole

It’s Rhymesayers property. Along with Powderhorn Suities. Fuck that label.

Feral Ninja

Where's the real video for bar breaker?!?! It was so good

Tony Snark

@Jessica Stakelbeck right? And you're a lady saying that. This is "woke culture" censorship at it's finest. And an underground rapper at that. It's my opinion that Prof should pursue his own future and cut ties with any label that ain't his own. Even if it is the best rap label around, today. Much luv, sister. 🤘🤘🤘🤘

Jessica Stakelbeck

They’re wasn’t inappropriate at all... that chick in this video was trying to swallow his face and he wasn’t having it...he shouldn’t have been pulled into someone else’s Bullshit

Patrick Chole

They also pulled the single for “squad goals” and the whole Powderhorn Suities album.

Patrick Chole

Ryhmesayers decided it wasn’t appropriate for you to view.

Tony Snark

Woke folk killed it lol. Liberals keep eating their own imo. Much love, errbody. Fuck cops, tho.

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