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by Hail Mary Mallon

Money (x29)

Money on my motherfucking mind
Cop five haircuts at the same time
White gold pants, jet ski made of wine
Foie gras bust of Albert Einstein
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Money out my motherfucking mouth
A mansion, a ranch, and a camp and a town
A motherfucking store with a floor made of scalps
Bobby from the block don't got rocks, he got Alps
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Money in the motherfucking jar
Shark fin pastry
Summers on Mars
Twenty motherfuckers in a levitating car
Seven-forty-seven full of women and cigars
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Money in the motherfucking pot
A castle full of cars and the yard full of yachts
A leopard with a mink
And an arm full of clocks
All hand wound everyday by a Spock
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Money (x29)

Money is a motherfucking joke
Forty bald eagles sewn onto a coat
Zoo with the crib, mermaid in the moat
Buy another strip mall every eighth note
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Money ain't a motherfucking prob
It's a sport I invented to win when I watch
And own all the rights and the lights and the locks
Even own all the ice in the Sprite you just dropped
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Money or your motherfucking life
Two ton angel carved outta ice
Alligator sailboat, dollar sign eyes
Fill a warehouse full of Van Goghs twice
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Money or your motherfucking heart
I could give it to my dog
He makes money when he barks
Or put it in my fridge
Or in one of my parks that I bought
So my robots could learn how to LARP
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Money (x29)


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