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America the Beautiful
by Homeboy Sandman

Running water
Three bedrooms
A public school for every quarter
A store on every corner
A public defender, appointed to every pauper
Affordable Jet Blue
Any one of you can board a flying saucer
Access to cough drops and pork chops
Sports facilities in the vicinity for free
You must be kidding me this ain't the place to be


Minimum wage they could pay you
You could praise
You could choose who you pray to
Regardless who you choose as your God
Workers comp if you get hurt at your job
Food stamps, benefit cards
Ain't lousy
Child labor laws
Section 8 housing
I spy gas and oil power
WiFi and lots of phone towers
The post office and the bus station
And the train station and the fire and the sanitation
Eviction laws will buy you 6 extra months in your apartment
The public park and the park bench
The streetlights in the darkness
It's all awesome, and it's all since


Okay the streets aren't paved with gold
At least they paved tho
Weaker than the euro, stronger than the peso
But you get what you pay for, so be grateful
Think you the only file in the caseload?
This is a crazed, unsafe globe, case closed
Complaining oh so much
Where else do people even think they're owed so much?
We are the 99% locally
We are the 1% globally
Take a trip where women fertilize their ovaries and diagnosis is "hopefully"
It's sobering
Cut the "woe is me"
It's a work in progress and it may always be
But even overseas opportunity is known to be in


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Comments from YouTube:

jon wayne

Cool I made this beat


No way! Dam. Wayne is a murderer !

Eric Barron

much love

Jon Bailey

Jonwayne is the best, not the one from the westerns the one from the West.


jon wayne you made a dope beat hommie thank you



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Joshua Silvester

Complaining oh so much..where else do people even think they owed so much? We are the 99% locally. We are the 1% Globally...


Fresh! Many don't realize how easy we have it here.


Ppl here dont have it as easy as you think as well tho.




Therefore things that are actually bad here (healthcare, an arguable oligarchy controlling our government) are nullified just because we're not falling in our own shit like in Slumdog Millionaire.

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