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Dark Shadows
Robert Cobert Lyrics

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Misfits It seems like only yesterday I embraced the eternal flame …
Misfits [Dead Alive (2013)] It seems like only yesterday I embraced the eternal flame …
Seventh Angel Never will I leave you nor will I forsake you This…
The Quakes Im invincible, as I walk through this town Ill soon land…

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Comments from YouTube:

Mordor ~ The Land of Shadow

I had this album! My brother and I watched Dark Shadows religiously every afternoon after school!

A-Plus Computer Services

Me too!! Wish I could afford the special DVD collection that comes in the case shaped like a heel hugger coffin!!


This track is my ringtone.:) I love this music.

Anthony Murphy

@Edward BURGOS TAMA 🙁⁉️🤣🤣🤣🤣⁉️

mick james

@Edward BURGOS TAMA lol


Me too but I use it when my wife calls


Mine, too, thanks to your comment.

Steven Cohen

I'll never forget the episode in which Maggie Evans tried to stake him, but he woke up. He looked absolutely chilling sitting there in the coffin with his fangs bared while she backed away screaming.

Aaron Williams Vocal Gold

@A-Plus Computer Services Yeah and her father Sam Evans happened to be at the beach where she found refuge and safety. Those stories are so timeless and wonderful.

A-Plus Computer Services

What about when Maggie finally escaped. Remember Barnabas in the cemetery yelling "You won't escape!! You'll NEVER escape!!!"

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