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La Valse d'Amélie
Yann Tiersen Lyrics


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Comments from YouTube:


Amélie. One of the most enchanting movies, with one of the most timeless soundtracks. The magical atmospheres that Yann Tiersen creates in his music are unparalleled, every time I listen I can't help but be transported into another world. Hope you're having a great week so far ♥


Thank you so much for inspiring me to learn piano it hasn’t been a full year yet but I’m learning so much everyday and you’re the light that started this journey for me thank you ♥️

thomas holland

You are simply wonderful!

Anthony Rodriguez

Beautiful work, as always! Keep it up – and don't worry about those that hate on the pop covers. Do what you have to do to live your passion and share your gift.


Could you please add BALLADE no 1 and TRISTESSE etude to your Spotify?

Mateusz Loniewski

Matt Baillie
There is better interpretations on Spotify :)

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Peter Gundry | Composer

Yann Tiersen is pure magic on the piano, Amélie is such a great movie too! Well played


Peter Gundry | Composer I love your music!


Never thought I'd see Peter here😲
Pls do a collab or something

Chill Wombat

Peter gundry you are a legend

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