Old Souls
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Jason Effinger

This song awakens mental images within me like no other.

0:00-1:23 - You awaken slowly inside your dream world surrounded by a foggy emptiness. Making your way through the fog, you discover a light that leads into a dark, misty forest where a trail of wisps lead you along a path surrounded by whispers. Whispers you can't quite make out, yet at the same time, you can hardly resist how sweet they sound.

1:24-2:24 - Traversing the path, you are greeted with sweet memories, whispers of your past self, a self that was once the brightest of souls in the room. Each and every memory reminds you of the life you once knew and, for once in your troubled life, you are at ease with who you are and where you've been. Yet lingering in the distance you get the sense that something else is afoot in your surroundings.

2:25-3:45 - At the end of the trail of whispers, ever so unexpectedly, you are reunited with the one you loved once, finding their embrace to be the sweetest thing in your otherwise sour life. Trailing through the peaceful part of the woods, you hold hands sharing mutual memories from long ago in the form of soliloquies about your life together. The words you both use allow you to dwell on the goodness that was once your former relationship now torn apart by life troubles that somehow separated you. In the midst of all this, however, you maintain a feeling of dread that something is about to go south.

3:46-5:46 - Turning to them, they tell you they can't stay, tears stream down their face as they beg you to understand that who they are is no longer apart of you and yet somehow you can't face the reality that you've split. You spend a majority of your back and forth assuring them that you can start over and that there is hope for you and yet they continue to look away tearfully, staring down the cliff in the clearing that you are now standing nearest to.

5:47-7:44 - Suddenly, a darkness forms around you, yourself begging them to run away from it while they themselves are hesitant to follow. Soon that darkness envelops around you in the form of a storm that consumes your surroundings in swirling dust clouds closing in on you. Begging your former lover to stay with you, you two are sprinting with all your might to away from the impending storm clouds, panting heavily as if you are inching toward your last breaths. The further they close in on you two, the more your eyesight begins to blur and, before you know it, so is the matter making up your significant other. Like dust in the wind, they begin to shrivel away into nothing along with the storm as you scream their name. They have now left you in complete and utter darkness, kneeling on the floor of nothingness, as you realize they were never really there inside your dream world.

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Dark Horse

been saying for years this is Hans' most underrated track.

DK Macharia


George Ober

528491 is also Incredible.

Dark Horse

@Lance Cowan amazing man i didn't listen it till now..that is also one hell of his music..


Wouldn't say it's underrated lol everyone rates it


@Cpt. Buli thus having the word 'Underrated'

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Daniel A

This track gives me this strange weird feeling like no other music ever and I love it

m p

Me too

David Romero

I feel that this is something I can play as I fall asleep. I see myself many years in the future as my older self laying either alone or with my wife, but in the dark. A mental solitude in my own house or paradise.


Funny you say that. There was an inception app that came out when this was made, and it was for falling asleep, one of the themes it used was this.

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