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Sascha Funke Lyrics


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Roadtrips are one my favorite activities. Especially @ the nighttime, when the world is at it’s rest.. ;) Destination unknown. We'll see where the ship runs aground..😏 Here’s a remix of this timeless classic by one of my hero’s DJ Koze

Alfredo de Carabonara

Wishes from Germany,to the Best Land of the World,best friendly People.This Land is Hope!°The Nights are so Beauty and the Streets are fine!


@Karoliczan Wojtylanu  Absolutely (:

Karoliczan Wojtylanu

@EGGBIRDTHEROOSTER Cool! Yes, driving can be relaxing 😌


@Karoliczan Wojtylanu  It depends.. it can be very relaxing and in a way is a sort of meditation for me.. 🙏🏼 But hey, in good company, it can be awesome though!

Karoliczan Wojtylanu

Hi, do you do it alone or wirh your friends? Where do you like to drive?

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Krishna Murti

Corona Lockdown 2.0. Driving without a goal. A timeless track.


@Jonathan Steuer Historic climate models are very useful to study, but very onuseful to predict future climate models! Climate change is mainly founded by big business and is in a way all about the money..
And talking about carbon footprint and cleaner energy.. Any idea what it costs to mine, shipping, produce etc to produce those so called “renewable” horizon polluting, birdslapping windmills, and biomass deforestation for heavy subsized solar fields for wood and then shipping it from all around the world and then burning it, named so called “clean energy” ?? That shit arnt helping either! And to produce and placing that junk needs heavy polluting industry... With other words, its all to de-industrialise the west. And move it all to low costs lands like China, India, Turkey etc. While they build coalplants etc rapidly. Superprofits can be made in such countrys where exploitation and childlabour are the norm over there. All that we are a so called “green, progressive, CO2 neutral, inclusive, diversity, jobcreating” or what ever totally raped frame and empty worded socialistic green utopian dream they shove it in theys days in the west. 😒 Climate change is big business! Just follow the money.. It’s like a watermelon. Green on the outside, but fiery red on the inside..😏 Dont watch to much the fearmongering brainwashing mainstreammedia propaganda about the huge moneydriven and horny for power platforms that are yelling things like “man made climate change” Scientists are very divided about this. But most scientists are way to demanding on their cash flows, job, further career, mortgage etc. And dont wanna ‘swim to much against the current’ because of the framing these days like; “climate change denier” (wich is in itself a nasty tactic with a bitter taste to holocaust deniers😒) its a very known phrase by the leftist these days to end the discussion and set the other side to ‘embarrased’!


Guys guys guys.. C’mon.. talking all of a sudden about ‘climate change’ now..? With other words; Politics! 😒 Co2 is good for the planet. More Co2 = More green. 😏


I don't even know where I'm at right now

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