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mr. gaunt pt 1000
Soap&Skin Lyrics

I fell in love with you
But I know, I know that's just a sky

I don't know where, where I go

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Comments from YouTube:


Depressive beauty. This song is like a comfort blanket

Fernando Ferreira Fariña

Estaba deseando seguir a alguien que mereciese la pena, pero todos me defraudaron.
La frustración que he sentido en mi fe en el ser humano, me ha consumido por completo.
Ya no busco ideales, ni ejemplos en que verme reflejado. Solo busco la calma, que me haga aprender de mi mismo y ser valiente y consecuente con mis actos y decisiones.
Creo que el resto es mentira, una utopía, un oasis demasiado hermoso para ser real.
Jamás volveré a mirarte a los ojos, y decir que confió en ti querido amigo...

TheOneAndOnly CptSeaweed

The most beautiful piano song i've ever heard. I can't play but i'll learn to play the piano becouse i'm in love so bad...

The Model Citizens

"I fell in love with your world
But I know, I know it's just the sky.
I don't know, where will I go?"

I'm pretty sure this song is about the loss of faith and the dread/unsureness of what comes after life.


When I listen to this, I really think about rain, and when you are finally inside and you are watching out of your window and you see the drops fall..and you feel glad because you are inside and you see children playing in the rain and your whole life is a black and white movie.. at least when I'm listening to this..

Tyson Kemp

@silvermoonorca I heard this: "I fell in love with you, but... but I know... I know it's just a sky... I don't know where... where I go..."

лиза веснянко

I fell in love with you
But I know that's just a sky
I don't know where I go...


I fell in love with you world
But I know, I know it's just a sky
I don't know where, where I go


natascha spiera

thanks for this words, that brings a lot on point!!!

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