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I Am Shell I Am Bone
by Gazelle Twin

Made of iron made of stone
I am shell and I am bone
Teach the Mother's skull away
I'll tell them now
I'll tell you all.

We have no tongue
We have no choice
Now I don't care
What He said was 'light', no.

Made of concrete made of gold
I am young and I am old
Preach the Son's eternity
You tell them lies
You tell them all

You are the child
You have no choice
Now I don't care
What He said was 'light', no.

Contributed by Kayla C. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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John McMahon

Found this due to a TF2 fan video, of all things. Fantastic song, and I'm surprised I've never heard of the artist before.


John McMahon Already checked it out as soon as I saw your comment. As a huge fan of GT, I love seeing her work being used in ways I would’ve never guessed!

John McMahon

@Afablesotrue Lol yep. It's a pretty decent video for what it is


I’ve heard a lot of ways people have discovered GT, but never that. Lmao


Same here. I first watched 'Odd Engies The Fall of Mann' machinima back in 2012 and came across this song, and I just rewatched it and remembered that in all those years I wanted to find out what the heck the song was about.


+John McMahon It's the only video I watched that has this as the theme song.That's how I knew it

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it's like a terribly glitched and corrupted sentient video game person trying to tell you what they are, but they are too messed to speak properly.

Jacqueline Szabo

yes! help me
there evry where

Shinrin Yoku

"I Am Shell I Am Bone was inspired by a beautiful documentary about endangered Manta Rays, coupled with my interest in the evolution of humans, and how we derive from the ocean. Again, it's a big topic which incorporates religion and metaphysical ideas.
The song is very anti-creationist (particularly those creationists who run special schools which teach erroneous history and science in order to lie to kids about the true origins of their species, and protect their religion). It's mind numbingly odd that people would do this despite the hard facts!"

ChitterChatter Gaming

Thank you for the description and inspiration of the music and video but keep your projections to yourself, people will sort that out for themselves

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