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The Shadow over Innsmouth
The Great Old Ones Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'The Shadow over Innsmouth' by these artists:

Hemotoxin The Dark and Menacing shadow has cast over innsmouth The hy…
Holy Martyr Legion after legion coming from the sea Through the black n…

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Great Old Ones:

Antarctica A land of desolation A white lifeless hell A land of starvat…
Awakening Nous arrivons à l'endroit où Lake et son équipe avaient…
Behind the Mountains Nothing will be as before We can now see it With fascination…
Je ne suis pas fou Je ne suis pas fou. Je souhaite juste aujourd'hui prévenir l…
The Elder Things Continuing our research, we find a lost cave Enclosing night…

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Comments from YouTube:

Zaak Santos

This band is Awesome!! They're making our Great Lovecraft very proud!!

Kester Fae

Well, they might be doing his work justice in their own way. Debatably Lovecraft would have been unimpressed with how the world and society has become.

Mitchell C.

This is phenomenal.


The whole song is amazing, but those last two minutes are absolutely phenomenal in build-up. That's some fucking good metal right there!

Scott Sartor

I thought this was amazing! Drummer is incredible and I want to hear more from this band

Joshua Atherton

Both this and the new album from Beheaded in the same day?! Holy shit! There goes my pay check

Black Metal Till Death


W French

This track was over way too fast.

Adam Parr

Lovecraft would be proud.


Love the doom metal elements here and there.

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