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The Omniscient
The Great Old Ones Lyrics

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Axamenta (March 28th, 1879 A.D. 3:22 AM, London England) Dread hol…
Svartahrid Peace of mind when light of day is whitening A solemn…
Svartahrid (Norwegen) Peace of mind when light of day is whitening A solemn…

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Antarctica A land of desolation A white lifeless hell A land of starvat…
Awakening Nous arrivons à l'endroit où Lake et son équipe avaient…
Behind the Mountains Nothing will be as before We can now see it With fascination…
Je ne suis pas fou Je ne suis pas fou. Je souhaite juste aujourd'hui prévenir l…
The Elder Things Continuing our research, we find a lost cave Enclosing night…

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Lyrics from the Vinyl Record's sheet. Thank you so very much for this album! I bought it the moment after I listened!

During my last stellar journey
I finally met my master
Face of the time leader
The omniscient, the eternal, the almighty
I cry, admiring my master

He who gave me the physical power
He who gave me the forbidden knowledge
By fertilizing my mother
Started on this earth his sacrilegious lineage
His filthy descent
Children of the clock
Children of the torment
To the stars the skywalk

“Yog-Sothoth knows the gate
Yog Sothoth is the gate
Yog-Sothoth is the key and
Guardian of the gate. Past, present, future
All are one in Yog-Sothoth
He knows where the old ones
Broke through of old
And where they shall break through
Again. He knows where
They have trod earth’s fields
And where they still tread
Them, and why no one can
Behold them as they tread.”

To find him my quest was long
I had to lie
Fighting those who were wrong
I had to die
To know the words and join his darkness

In the futile and weak human dimension
Releasing his mass and globes in a deep sigh
Freeing himself from his wooden prison
He can finally fly under the night sky

Revealing his power
Crossing the plains to answer the call
Absorbing to satisfy his foul hunger
Across his path he leaves no wall

After sowing impure madness
In the minds of insignificant humans
My brother, you join me in nothingness
For our journey into the astral planes

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heres johnny

Season Of Mist, this is a warning. Stop being the best label and releasing the best music, my bank account can't take anymore. It's abuse at this point!

Sean Manaloto

I love how two of the hardest-hitting extreme metal bands centred around Lovecraft (the other being Sulphur Aeon) have the same droning atmosphere with their sound. It's literally become the sound I associate with cosmic horror.

jake Kistruck

Dude check out ultar also a bloody fantastic lovecraft atmo black metal band


+ Alkaloid +Chthe'ilist


Lovecraft is awesome


Lovecraft is awesome

Chris Howard

The season of mist roster is the best out right now. From top to bottom its filled with brutality and talent. 🤘🤘

Adam Fowler

Along with inside out I would agree.


Season of Mist, Profound Lore and Willowtip is all I need right now.


I've been saying this for a few years now. Absolutely stacked with incredible talent.

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