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Burzum Lyrics

[Musik und Text August 1991 a.y.p.s.]

Wenn die Nack einfâ??llt
Bedeckt sie die Welt
Mit undurchdringlicher Dunkelheit.
Kâ??lte steigt vom boden auf
Und verpestet die Luft
Hat das Leben neue


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Comments from YouTube:

Rat Boy

Weird to think the guy who made this killed a man burnt down churches went to prison got out moved to france and now has a family with like 7 kids living on a farm

Vomit Crisis

@Fu des Euro fucking deserved it after fr egging dead on to kill himself lol Varg probably saw what a shit person he was and then took the opportunity to end him doesn’t make it right but he probably couldn’t stand him as a person just like Pelle.

Fu des

@NieDzisiejszy he stabbed him 23 times in self defense?


@Jared Glass I mean I wouldn't really call a Nazi a "smart man" but alright


He’d be pretty cool if it weren’t for the burning churches part. Like if he’s a white nationalist and wants to preserve white culture, than why hate on the oldest, truest, and biggest piece of white culture which is Christianity? It’s counter productive for his views.

Marko Zbunjol

@Maximus lol Mayhem is fake as fuck

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I killed Captain Alex

Can't be Black Metal if it's not recorded in a toilet and then microwaved.


@The Riot Club official I don't wanna know what type of Sciences Varg does.

Павел Золотарев

Joe Rico

Mayhem proves that theory dead wrong on their last few releases.

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