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Black But Sweet
by Wilmoth Houdini

She's black and homely, and that is all.
She's black and homely, and that is all.
When men meet her, they're bound to fall,
and tell her "Mammie, girl, you're sweet, O Lord."
Go to (Saint Bonasse) and you will see
a nice black woman they call Didi.
When she press her sweet lips to mine,
I said, "Mommie, kiss poppie all the time."

Didi is the pride of my heart.
I felt so funny with her to part.
The people in the county of Caroni
can tell how Didi love Houdini.
Young boys take this advice from me.
Don't put yourself in difficulty.
For it is a positive facts,
the sweetest women in this world are black.

Don't even mind, when you get (a ball?),
if another mule kick up in your stall.
With your black baby you are going to stay.
You cannot leave her and go away.
I said Didi, I'm going away.
But no longer I cannot stay.
Mommie, yes it is a positive fact,
sweet Houdini soon be coming back.

Contributed by Muhammad B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.

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