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Foxes Mate for Life
Born Ruffians Lyrics

Make a point of having fun
It'll help you get through life
"Life sucks and love is dumb"
Golly that's a real lie

And I know foxes mate for life
Because they're in love

Learn as much as you can
Read a book, watch less TV
It's worth it in the end
Just take a look at me

And I know foxes mate for life
Because they're in love

Someone should terminate him
Before he infects the others
Don't let children have ideas
They might want a real life

And I know foxes mate for life
Because they're in love

Contributed by Riley O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Alina Geana

At the end of the show, (it was their last one for the 2015 tour) everyone was screaming encore, so they come out and perform this! It was sooo good ohmygod, one of the best concerts I've ever been to in my entire life!


been listening to born ruffians for 7 years now :O time flies

LIam Rivero


Lydia Harrison

shut your eyes and you find yourself peacefully raving im in love with this song :)

Hope Martin

SO GOOD. When that drum beat kicks in, I melt <3

nic Mora

I went to see born ruffians at bowery this weekend (best show of my life) and the entire crowd was drunk singing "and i knoooooooow foxes maaaaaaaate for life becauuuuuuuuuuuuse theyre in looooooooooooooooove" before the band even took the stage lol. and they started back up again in request of an encore lol. best show of my life


one of the best tracks in their album. brilliant band. :)


such a class band, can't wait to see them in november!

D- Dracula

The most beautiful song title of all time, it sums it up really. Yeah they're animals but they're devoted to each other for life..perhaps how humans should be. Thankyou Born Ruffians, your an inspiration to me right now.

Stephanie Medina

This song has been my personal sound track for the weekend. It makes me happy.

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