Sure as Debt
13 & God Lyrics

Sure as debt, dust collects

Dust collects on the distance runner
Did you wake up to feeding trees to the machine?
A rib shown on your pig bank
your profits of Slowdeath dissolved off into electric bills
More blood in the bucket of what?
More blood in the bucket of...(what?)
Your deepest debts
and to the fair fair Bank of America
And you would mention time between the yawning black behind your skull
The rushing of your mouth around your boots, drugged in luck of your wound
to every morrow the sting of gone pilasters
and you're hollow beside a side of rent cheque
Oh yeah, ladies and gents
And fools like us we go nameless to debt

Automatic tragic addict

Highest muscle on the rock, wishing you weren't so
Simply stomach and one shelled all out em and chasing
All by your lonesome with a hand drawn map
And some old age
And some old age
Anywhere after now
needs near to the roof of your voice
lost heavy on the tongue of death suggest rest
Have you hung
And be delighting in your heights on pause
Still out em and chasing
Ill by product of the killing dream
Awoken by the sound of whole tree tops being fed to machines
Still the automatic licking quiet in the constant tether
of your many sticking and still stuck stuck stuck stuck
Panic buttons

And killers like us we so famous to debt

Automatic tragic addict

Sure as debt


death sugests rest
by a side of rent

Contributed by Bentley F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


thanks for uploading great job!!!can you also upload track 9 "Beat On Us"?

Fudge Dredd

... And foooools like us we go nameless to debt.


fresh to def

Iz zy


Danielle Castle

One person has bad taste in beats


Pretty dope beat just because you couldn't rap on to it doesn't mean it's bad. Dose one can rap on any type of beat.


songlyricsdotcom suggests the correct lyrics for that part is: And kill this lie 'cus we sold famous to debt. I do hear "kill this lie" but I cant hear "sold". so maybe it's: And kill this lie 'cus we so famous to debt...?


@lefteriss2 to xei anebasei hdh kapoios allos




I'm glad they put out a studio version of this. I've had the live version on my ipod for a while. I'll probably go buy this CD. I love what they do together. Some of "Themselves" stuff is a little annoying to me, but all of this together is awesome.

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