Alone in Kyoto
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-A faint clap of thunder;
Clouded skies;
Perhaps rain comes – if so, will you stay here with me?

-A faint clap of thunder;
Even if rain comes not;
I’ll stay here, together with you…

This just came to mind for what ever reason.


I can't think of any movies that are what I would call similar to this one, except that there are other movies I like which are original dramas that also have comedy and good music.

I like almost all of Wes Anderson's films. They are mostly set in America. One is set in India ("The Darjeeling Limited".. very good movie) and one in Europe ("The Grand Budapest Hotel".. I don't recommend this one).

Besides "The Darjeeling Limited, My two Wes Anderson favorites are "Rushmore" and "The Royal Tenenbaums." Tenenbaums has some very heavy moments though, including a graphic attempted suicide. Still a great movie, but it is emotionally challenging at times.

Bill Murray is in almost all of Anderson's films. There are some really dark, sad moments in some of them.

There's a movie set in Japan that I like, and is in Japanese, with subtitles.  It has some really gross moments, but it is bittersweet and funny. It's about a guy who accidentally gets a job as an apprentice working for a man who ritually takes care of the recently deceased. The film is called "Departures."

There's a sports comedy set in Japan, starring Tom Selleck. You might like that one. It is mostly a romantic comedy, and is called "Mr. Baseball."

But, none of these is very similar to "Lost in Translation," except that Murray is in some of them. These are just some other movies I like that are both sad and happy, and are original films.


Te espero como el viento a la lluvia:

entre terrazas de vacío
y desiertos pensamientos
la luna llena clamaba tu llegada
mientras a la espera mi corazón punzante
aclaraba oscuro el paso de tu llanto
y el olvido que como siempre
se olvidaba de olvidar
en los momentos más importantes.

Alma mía:

¿serás tu la que no ha vuelto,
o seré yo el que sigue lejos?

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Kurt Kohlmyer

I feel like Lost In Translation is centered around this idea of a memory that you look back on and it seems so special that it almost doesn’t even seem real. We all have those.


@Helen Pierce original soundtrack

Helen Pierce

@Pesky Macaw what's OST?


@Pesky Macaw I believe your issue with the movie is just that you didn't relate to it. I think the reason the movie is in so many people's hearts is that we all relate to some aspect of the movie, whether its the untimely fleeting romance that was never meant to be, the desire for that hole inside you to be filled by someone else, or the feeling of being lost in life, not knowing what the fuck your doing or want to do in this place.

Those aren't all, the movie is so great because it broaches a range of issues and problems that maybe aren't talked about enough in todays society. Not to mention your aforementioned point about the exquisite soundtrack and cinematography.

Id also like to add that the film has a special relevance in the world today as people are feeling increasingly alienated and paralyzed due to a mixture of people becoming disconnected from the world mentally, due to technology, and physically due to the pandemic we're currently going through; Similar to someone being on the other side of the world with no direction and no familiar faces to turn to...


@mineragua wow, that's amazing. Thank you for sharing that perspective. I often want to watch Lost in Translation again late at night on my own to reignite that specific feeling of loneliness, of being completely lost in the world while strangely enough knowing all my surroundings... but then I usually don't watch it because I don't want to water down the experience from seeing it too often as I need that "soul wrecking" ability intact haha. So I just Google it for a bit and that's how I now ended up here. The first time I saw Lost in Translation was in my late teens or early 20's, when I myself strongly resonated with all the main emotions in the film. And still do, in a way. Sometimes it even feels a bit dangerous somehow to revisit those emotions, because it took a while to even find my footing in the first place... so watching this is like consciously stirring up something that was dificult to come to terms with. But the movie is simply too brilliant to leave alone and for me is the perfect portrayal of that sense of bewilderment at life I so strongly felt.

Sorry for the ramblings stranger, I always feel so happy when I read others' views on this movie. I guess I need to find myself a local group of likeminded people to watch movies with and discuss them haha.

And for anyone reading this: try to find and watch The Chinese Botanist's Daughters (Les filles du botaniste) by Dai Sijie. Maybe that movie is not as well polished as Lost in Translation, different theme also, but I think you might find something valuable in it as well. I thought I'd share it here, perhaps someone will find it interesting. It has a great combination of images and music too by the way. Oh those feels...

Pesky Macaw

I always felt like Lost in Translations is centered around absolutely nothing... and silly (actually quite offensive) stereotypes.
Sorry, I've really tried to like this movie, but no matter how many times I watch it; I can't get to see the point of it like you, guys... not even a bit.
The OST and the cinematography are quite good, tho..

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Charlotte W

She had a clear umbrella
Because she never wanted to hide the colour of the sky.
Even when the sun was swallowed by grey,
She would look up and smile
Because she knew the clouds would soon pass.


This is really insightful! I hadn't noticed this before!



Mahdi Hassan Prionto

The feels...

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