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BTS(방탄소년단) Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Dionysus' by these artists:

BTS 쭉 들이켜 술잔 (sippin') 팔짱 (tippin') (한 입) 티르소스 (grippin') 포도 (ea…
BTS (防弾少年団) 쭉 들이켜 술잔 (sippin') 팔짱 (tippin') (한 입) 티르소스 (grippin') 포도 (…
Buttertones Held the cards, Bring me some rum with your sweet talk Somew…
Miocene High... higher than the stars... Soft focussing And so c…
The Buttertones Help the cause Bring me some rum with your sweet talk Summer…

We have lyrics for these tracks by BTS(방탄소년단):

Boy In Luv [Jungkook] Doego…
CONVERSE HIGH [Rap Monster] neoui converse high Neoui converse high Neoui …
DOPE 어서 와 방탄은 처음이지? Ayo ladies and gentleman 준비가 됐다면 부를게 yeah! …
FIRE 불타오르네 Fire Fire Fire Fire When I wake up in my room…
I NEED U [Jungkook] Fall ([Rap Monster] everything) [Jungkook] Fall (…
War of Hormone [Intro Rap Monster] (Nugu ttaemune Yeoja ttaemune Nugu ttaem…

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RM sing was amazing
Jin singing was amazing
Suga singing was amazing
J hope singing was amazing
Jimin singing was amazing
V singing was amazing
Jungkook singing was amazing

BTS singing was amazing

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maryam ikram

no one is gonna talk about the fact Hoseok wrote this whole master piece

•JiBoOtY •

@Saima BTS LMH Everyone talks about Jin.

Hooligan Army Purples You

STFU!!!! AND I mean that as a compliment to Jhope. This is one of my favorite BTS songs. I love Jhope even more now!!💜💜💜 omg he's amazing. I wish they released a MV for this song. This is the best song from MOTS:7 IMO.

LaLimanturDanielle :D

What the
Wow is he not good at something?

Kaylee Williams

@Relijoon morning my friend I’m so

Ximena Reyes


41 More Replies...

Heyonn Bae

Jin doesn’t have talent. Jin is the talent.

Anika Sharma

Very true

Edy Karya



namjoon defo has talent

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